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Drive: A strong motivating tendency or instinct related to self-preservation, reproduction, or aggression that prompts activity toward a particular end.

Not only is Scott Gauthier a renowned jewelry designer and rare gemstone collector, he is also an avid vintage car enthusiast. Gauthier’s collection is of the caliber most often seen in the world’s finest automotive museums. As magnificent as they are rare, Gauthier gains inspiration from these automobiles, favoring body styles by Elio Zagato because of their unmatched handcrafted quality and attention to detail.

As a winner in-class numerous times at the Pebble Beach Concours D’ Elegance, Gauthier travels the world with his exquisite collection. He also plays host to the annual Gauthier Classic, a road rally that draws classic car enthusiasts from all over the country to view some of the world’s rarest and most valuable automobiles ever made. The rally breaks down the walls, unties the ropes and rolls out the red carpet so these magnificent cars can be enjoyed out on the open road. For participants and spectators alike, it is an awe-inspiring experience to see such magnificent automobiles in motion.