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Handcrafting Process

The design process that many jewelers have abandoned for mass-produced and machined pieces, Gauthier embraces. Each piece is designed and crafted by hand, a process that has been compared to Cartier and Tiffany, in their early years.

The distinctive look of Gauthier has been described by many as captivating. The designs themselves have dimension, direction and a sense of purpose. Each piece has a story to tell. With some, the story is readily apparent, but in most cases, the tale evolves as one gets to know the creation. Hidden pearls that can only be seen from certain angles, diamonds set backwards so only the pavilion of the stone is visible and gemstones set in tubes to mask the hinging mechanism, are just a few examples of the creativity and ingenuity that tell the tale of Gauthier.

Scott Gauthier’s attention to detail and labor-intensive process results in exquisite handmade jewelry that is both distinctive and exclusive. Gauthier creates new pieces everyday, creatings hundreds of unique designs every year. Each piece is either exclusive or one of a handful in existence. People come from all over the world to see the stunning designs found in his galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Not one piece of jewelry leaves the studio without the Gauthier signature trademark – a small sapphire hidden somewhere on each piece.

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